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Wristapp Programming
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6 - Day Find
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Memory Map

The Datalink is controlled by a custom 6805 which has 16K of ROM, 1.25K of Ram and 2.0K of EEProm.  Because the 6805 has a 15 bit address bus, all accesses wrap at 0800 to 0000 and repeat once again.  The EEProm is a serial device and does not appear in the accessible address space for the 6805.

Datalink Overview Memory Map
0000-002A 6805 Hardware registers
002B-004F Unused ram (probably not even mapped)
0050-005F System App local variables
0060-0067 Wristapp local variables
0068-00C2 System local variables
00C3-00FF Call stack
0100-010F EEProm control variables
0110-0335 Wristapp memory
0336-0435 Sound memory (starts high, low end can be used for a larger wristapp)
0436-04FF System upper ram
0500-3FFF Unused - This is a hole in the address space
0400-7FFF System ROM

<More memory map stuff to come>